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Antique Miniature 3" German Bisque Doll Girl in Dress with Ribbon in Hair

" Sew Time Sisters" Two Tiny 3" All Bisque Vintage Miniature dollhouse dolls in Display Sew Box by NooshfairlovesDreamCorner

Collection of German Bisque Dollhouse Dolls ca, 1890 - 3"-7" (7-18 cm). Fifteen dollhouse dolls,each with bisque shoulderhead,painted hair and facial features,muslin body,bisque lower limbs with painted shoes and socks.

dolls, Germany, Just Me Character doll. Germany, circa 1920. Marked Just Me Registered Germany A 310 / 7/0 M, made by Armand Marseille. Bisque socket head with [blue side-glancing] sleeping eyes, tiny closed mouth, original mohair wig. Original composition Just Me body. Redressed in green organdy, vintage underwear and shoes, new Easter basket.

Two Tiny 3" All Bisque Miniature Antique German Dollhouse dolls in Tin egg display box by NooshfairlovesDreamCorner

Antique doll german bisque doll porcelain doll collectible miniature sailor sam doll & his kewpie friends approx 3" high sundaybestdolls

victorian sailor in miniature | Antique doll german bisque doll porcelain doll collectible miniature ...

French Bisque Bebe,Size 0,in Superb Presentation Box with Elaborate Trousseau 10" (25 cm.) doll. 16" x 12" trunk.