• Natalie Wall

    Valentines day- Send a "heart attack" - write one thing you love about them on each heart!.. One pinner said: A teacher did this for the principal at my school, each student wrote something nice on a heart and then quietly snuck up to her door, taped all the hearts on along with a sign that said "you've had a heart attack", then the teacher knocked on her door and they ran away... So cute!

  • Velta Siliņa

    Valentines Day Ideas 2014: Unique Valentines day gifts ideas | diy crafting gifts

  • mckay

    Send a heart attack. Write one thing you love about them on each heart, maybe a gift idea for valentines day

  • Donna Fatcheric

    Valentines day care package idea! Send a "heart attack" - write one thing you love about them on each heart!

  • Kelly Skidmore

    send a "heart attack" for v-day (diy project)... cute idea for my nieces or nephews!!!

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