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10 Important Qualities For Success That Are Often Overlooked

Thanks to countless millions of dollars in advertising, almost everybody thinks they need milk. Over the past several decades, cow's milk and its byproducts have…

An investor can make money available for your startup in exchange for an ownership share in your company. Be sure to consider how much you are willing to give up and at what cost. Don’t sell out more than 51% or you will lose control of your own venture. This is a slippery slope, so do all your research to be sure this is the right choice for your startup.

Secret Identity: Covering The Music of Marvel & DC film & TV by Brian Ibbott - The Andrew Allen Trio is following up successful Star Trek and video game cover albums with covers of the music of Marvel & DC comics!

Amazing! @ObviousChildMov is one of iTunes Best Movies of 2014! Congrats @GillianHardG #MadeWithKickstarter