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styrofoam with scrapbook paper glued on and ribbon around the edges... genius!

Making Wall Art out of Styrofoam

styrofoam covered with fabric wall art. My daughter and I did this for her room. We used cheap painter canvas and scrapbook paper. We sprayed adhesive glue to the canvas and layed the scrapbook paper on top.

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10 Tips for Creating a Collected Gallery Wall

Gold edged picture frames. I love her idea of spray painting painter's tape - removable if need be and apparently gives off the vibe of gold foil! Genius.

DIY gold frame corners : Spray paint blue painters tape and attached to frame corners for a temporary look. The tapes texture resembles gold leaf.

WOW! A Very Unique  Very Inexpensive   Way To Change Your Decor At The Drop Of A Hat...If You Paint  Change Your   Color Scheme In A Room, No Problem, Just Make More "Wood Block Art"...How To   Make Scrapbook Paper Wall Art...Click On Picture For   Tutorial/Instructions...

How to Make Affordable Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

Yes doing this, already have scrap booking paper! DIY Home Decorating Scrapbook Paper Wall Art! Absolutely love this idea! So I am thinking do this with similar colors for decorating in the living room

Scrapbook paper...modge podge on canvas. MUST DO!!

DIY wall art with modge podge, scrapbook paper & small canvases with spray painted edges - so easy!

scrapbook paper or fabric framed.....This seems easy enough...

Framed scrapbook paper or fabric: really love this idea to decorate a bathroom or guest room if you can't find artwork that you like.

Create your own canvas wall art using scrapbook paper and mod podge.

How to Make Affordable Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

This is so cute. So much better looking than a regular old mirror sitting on the floor.

I might need to swipe my sons book crates for this easy diy rustic decor. - Interior Decor Luxury Style Ideas - Home Decor Ideas

E o bonito dessa vida é poder costurar sonhos, bordar historias e desatar os nós de nossos dias. Porque você faz a Moda. Agulha de ouro Ateliê

Fabric Art Wall Hanging If you have fat quarters you can’t bear to cut into small pieces, combine them with larger pieces to cover purchased stretched artist’s canvases.

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Space Savers: Floating Tables, Cabinets & Baskets

Something yo do with all my wicker baskets! Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas: Another way to take advantage of vertical space is by hanging baskets on the wall above the toilet or tub and using them to store towels.