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Front squat

Skill: Front Squat rack position (Check Eva's feet - they are in the landing position! Check her elbows - driving up!) Strength: Front Squat, work to

Lol  fo sho!!! This doesn't come from just taking something.... No matter what U take U still have to bust your ass!!!!

What's my secret? OH, it's this awesome new diet pill called get the fuck up, and work your motherfucking ass off, bitch.

Squat Therapy: 4 Drills for a Better Squat | Breaking Muscle

Squat Therapy: 4 Drills That Will Improve Your Squat squat therapy, bodyweight squat, better squat, improving squat, mobility

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That awkward moment when you are lifting more than the guy next to you. just kidding. not awkward. Yeah this happened to me & I encouraged him to keep up the great work!

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Hitting new PR's and making improvements is an unexplainable feeling. I remember when I hit squat clean for the first time like it was yesterday, finally stringing together dbl unders into forget how far you've come.

HAHAHA I've been so guilty of this LOL #crossfitgirls #girlswholift

I have no shame in resting. Yes, I'm going to stand here for five minutes trying to talk myself into squatting down and picking up that stupid bar again.

100% True

A well-built physique is a status symbol. It reflects the hard work you've put in. You can't steal it; you can't borrow it & cannot hold on to it without constant work. It's from dedication, discipline self-respect and dignity.