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    I need to remember this for my writing!


    Be someone's sunshine when their skies are grey #quotes #inspirational words

    To die leaves pain behind, to live with the anguish of a conscience is far more difficult. All decisions affect others, do the least harm. ' ' Discovered this image was taken without creators permission. Proper source is now credited for image, though text has been added. Please get permission or create your own images. Plagiarism is theft when you steal someones creative work without getting permission and giving proper credit.

    What's your daring adventure?!

    picture your future...



    dream job #power2bu

    This quote couldn’t have more truth to it. In order to get what we have we must move towards that direction. Our dream job, money, love… they are not just going to knock on your door. You must get out, move, and get it! #quotes #wordsandsayings

    · «Quiero encontrarme fácilmente reconociendo y aprovechando las oportunidades cuando surjan», · «Quiero tener claridad para cómo proceder con éxito para realizar mis ambiciones en mi carrera», · «Quiero atraer y reconocer la profesión adecuada para mí y encontrarme practicándola con éxito», · «Quiero encontrarme fácilmente dando la bienvenida al trabajo intenso que me hará triunfar».

    elige lo que amas en todo!

    True dat

    Purpose Driven Life

    Jump this fence...loool

    hee hee....

    chuck bass

    I'd like all this invisible shit

    lol I like getting drunk on patios!


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