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I believe that music is one of the most powerful things to the human mind. It can totally change your mood within seconds and that is why I love it. I love all kinds of music, even if it seems like something I wouldn't listen to, I probably would.

I tunes would have to be one of my favourite apps i can download songs , videos albums that i am interested in and it's user friendly ..I love music #music

Can We Guess Which Instrument You Play In Just 9 Questions?

Good things here (The Good Vibe)

Or you become like what you listen to...seriously, people don't seem to realize how much their music choice can affect and change them...and others around them.

Pinner: Music is a great that helps bring people together. We hoped that by making this rap video we would get people to laugh and smile. There's nothing better than bringing a smile to someone's face, especially before the holidays.