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10 Things To Say To Your Child Every Day

Parent or not. Everyone should read this...

7 things a child should see their mom doing

A great way to connect with your kids at the end of the day

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30 Day Mom Challenge || Take the challenge! 30 ways, in 30 days, to be the best mom you can be. For each day of the month, find the corresponding number and follow the tip. So, if you begin the challenge on November 9; start with tip 9 and move on from there. You can repeat 30 day challenge every month! - iMom

10 things you should never say to your kids. #parenting

Raising God-First Kids in a Me-First World – Franciscan Media

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15 ways to screw up your child guaranteed (with examples). These behaviors we can all be tempted to make actually have a profound impact on our children's emotional development and identity! #parenting #motherhood #kids

Kids are different

Whining kids? Here's one simple parenting tip to help fix their tone and attitude. Even better, the kids will love it! (Includes a free printable for download.)

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How praise might harm your child - and great tips on how to make what you say to your child really help them to succeed.

Lazy, unproductive, irritable, frustrated, and angry....signs of a Mom Funk. Here's some practical solutions to get out yourself out of it.

If you want your child to be HAPPY, stick up for themselves, and become who they are truly meant to BE - you HAVE to read this! Healthy Self-Esteem in Kids: 10 Things Parents Can DO to Help!

Pin now read later. French are raising happy, well-behaved children without all the anxiety. Pamela Druckerman on the Gallic secrets for avoiding tantrums, teaching patience and saying 'no' with authority.

#6: We mistake intelligence, giftedness and influence for maturity... 7 crippling parenting behaviors that keep children from growing in to leaders. Forbes magazine