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Macro Photos of Insect Eyes Photographer Shikhei Goh is a 'macro addict', he photographs everything of the local flora and fauna. Large zooms of insects are his specialty.

Magnificent Macro Photos of Insect Eyes by Shikhei Goh. What incredible talent. via thisiscolossal

Magnificent Macro Photos of Insect Eyes by Shikhei Goh - Photographer Shikhei Goh lives and works on a small industrialized island called Batam Island, that’s a 45 minute boat ride south of Singapore. Goh calls himself a “macro addict” and indeed his portfolio is loaded with incredible photographs of the local flora and fauna of Batam from turtles, lizards, birds and especially insects.| #Photography |

From a series of macro photos of insect eyes by Shikhei Goh. The color and detail are fantastic.

Magnificent Macro Photos of Insect Eyes by Batam Island based #photographer Shikhei Goh

Bug Eye Macrophotography - what would the world look like if we had eyes like these?

Magnificent Macro Photos of Insect Eyes by Shikhei Goh macro insects

We’d imagine giant bug eyes would be quite scary, and we’re pretty sure they are, because we know that the magic of macrophotography somehow manages to make everything look better. Singapore based photographer Shikhei Goh photographed the eyes of several bugs and insects, making them look innocent and cute, rather than the creepy scary thingsContinue Reading…

Insects Macro Photography | Shikhei Goh calls himself a “macro addict” ! In his series “Insects in Your Face”, Goh captured insects eyes that are some of the most alien and one of the breathtaking...


Giant leopard moth or Eyed tiger moth. See the gorgeous teal blue spots on the back shield? - Never thought I'd say, "that is a beautiful moth"... but it is!

Giant leopard moth or Eyed tiger moth, I know this isn't a butterfly but it was so pretty just had to include it too!


Giant Leopard Moth or Eyed Tiger Moth. Like all small creatures, I marvel at their stunning design - I'd probably wear this if it let me.

Giant leopard moth or Eyed tiger moth {nikkorsnapper @Tony Gebely Gebely Wang} #moth

Giant leopard moth or Eyed tiger moth {nikkorsnapper @flickr} #moth by johnnie

Giant leopard moth. Eyed tiger moth. #insect

simple coat pattern

Beautiful bug.


Colorful insects. #bug #animal #nature #photography #wildlife #color #red #green #blue #yellow #black

beautiful bugs Bugs of all kinds give me the willies for totally irrational reasons, but these really are amazing! jaw

MESQUITE BUGS If it looks like they've been painted it's because they have! By the original artist, Creator God.

Giant Mesquite Bugs - these bugs freak me out the way they "seem" to be made like some kind of kids toy. Lies!! Icky bugs!! Shudder.

Giant Mesquite Bugs.___ Wow, what a beautiful bug, those colors are fabulous.!!

#Beetles, #Insect, #Insects, #Bug, #Bugs, #Nature, #Photo, #Photography

Beautiful insects in the Amazon. Colorful Beetles.

I think these colorful bugs are from the Amazon

Amazing colors


Louva-a-deus. HERE I AM! #mantis #prayingmantis #orchidmantis #mantisreligiosa #animallovers #animals #insects #wildlife

the new winner of Top Model, Insect Edition: Animals, Bugs, Nature, Creature, Insects, Photo, Praying Mantis

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insect#Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

#small #animal #macroworld #macro #animalfriends #insect #smallanimal

Praying Mantis~Always amazed with the beauty of God's creatures!!!

Upset Praying Mantis- thank God they are small!!!

Animals/insects doing "Jazz hands" lol

insect I'm Fabulous!


bugs critters-big-and-small

macro photography insect

Macro insect by jacklyn

Macro insect

Insect Macro Photography by Igor Siwanowicz

Insect Macro Photography by Igor Siwanowicz by JustLinnea on

Not certain which insect this is, but she sure is a beauty

bug . beauty #insects

Beetle Bug Beauty. Durban, Kwazulu, Zaire. Photo by Angela Bax

Insect Bug by AngelaBax bokeh photography

Bug 02 by AngelaBax, via Flickr

unseen insects - Bug Beauty

bug . beauty #insects

color, pattern

True Bug

Insect - Bug 02


Jewel like Beetle shells with a metallic shine beautiful colours!

Insects No...they are not butterflies but they are pretty

Giles Revell, Photographer · Projects · Insects

Iridescent Beetles in the dark

beautiful beetles

natural color

Jewel Beetles

The Beatles



Beautiful bugs - and if you go to any camp site in Australia you can find a lot of them lying dead beneath the giant insect zappers. I know, i've seen it!

during my make up training course we were taught to always look at nature for colour inspiration. feeling pretty inspired b these beautiful beetles x

colorful beetles not sure if already pinned but i like it

incredible colourful beetle collection

Wow #scarab #beetle #nature Mother Nature

beauty beetles...;)

Beetle Color

Pretty bugs


in my collection

Green Walking Leaf Mimic Male Real Framed Fairy Insect 7980m

Green Walking Leaf Mimic Male Real Framed Fairy Insect 7980m

Amazing green leaf mimic insect in the walking stick family. The green leaf like wings and legs mimic leaves on trees. ( ( ALWAYS FAST FREE SHIPPING ON ALL OF OUR ITEMS ) ) You'll never have to worry about our insects fading over time. All of our displays are made with 99% UV Blocking glass a unique and uncommon quality found in our displays. * A1 Museum Conservation Quality Archival Real Framed Butterflies & Insect Displays * All Made With 99% UV Blocking Conservation glass and Archival/Acid Free materials * Offering All Class of Insects * Properly Prepared * Spread to Museum Standards * 100% HAND MADE * Double Sealed for added protection Species: Phyllium Celebicum Male Native Origin: Thailand Frame Size: 6 1/2″ x 5″ Frame Color: BLACK Background: Insect Name & Origin Printed on Old World Parchment Paper. Material: Handmade Wood Frame With Glass Face and picture hanger included. ABOUT THE BUTTERFLIES AND INSECTS WE USE: All of the real Butterflies and insects used in our framed shadowbox butterfly art have been raised on natural cruelty free tropical farms around the world. These educational farms, aviaries and co-ops provide a real source of income for native people who would otherwise have to sell trees off of their land or raise cattle which are both ecologically disastrous. Tropical insects are important members of these fragile ecosystems. If their natural habitats are allowed to disappear, then they to will vanish forever. Everything possible must be done to preserve them. Proudly hand making the highest museum quality framed insects one at a time since 1992. Please see our profile for information about our work and us. **International buyers** WE CAN ONLY SHIP TO U.S. ADDRESSES. You must provide a U.S. shipping address in order to purchase from us.


Amazing insects! Creepy but beautiful at the same time! | In #China? Try for award winning #kid's #science | Amazing insects! Creepy but beautiful at the same time!

Amazing insects! Creepy but beautiful at the same time!

Amazing insects! Creepy but beautiful at the same time! insekt auge

Amazing insects! Some are creepy, but beautiful at the same time!

Amazing insects! (, 2013)

Amazing insects! Beautiful!!!!!

#flies #insects #entomology

Macro insects


female Arizona Mantid, "Stagmomantis limbata", on lily // by Bob Jensen. This beneficial insect grows up to around 3 inches long and is found fromTexas to Southern California, north into Colorado and Utah, south into Mexico.

Arizona Mantid::Stagmomantis limbata. This beneficial insect grows up to around 3" long and is found from TX to So. Cal, no. into CO and UT, so. into Mexico.

insect pretty-insects-spiders-and-other-creepy-crawlers

500px / Photo "Waiting" by Bob Jensen Mante religieuse

Amazing... Photo by Bob Jensen |

Pretty insect


NOT a real insect......crafted and sold on Etsy!!

insect #dailyconceptive #diarioconceptivo

insect....amazing patterns

lovely insect softy


beautiful insect

artistic bug


Natural History Museum this is natural, but perhaps the gazillion insects I've collected could be chromed and...

Natural History Museum Metallic Beetles

Bling'd out Gold & Silver beetles,Natural History Museum

Gold beetle and his relative - Natural History Museum

*nature, insects photography, golden* - Beetles

Natural History Museum Cards - Metallic Beetles

metallic beetles in Natural History Museum

gold bug

Some absolutely incredible bugs I found on Pinterest. ( The pictures are not mine ( I wish I could do that...) but these jewel like insects are just as beautiful as can be!!! Makes me want to include a "be good to all bugs" clause on my new year's resolutions list... We will see when time comes and the first sawflies, caterpillars, aphids show up...  gold beetle Moth  European oil beetle - Meloe proscarabaeus Death’s Head caterpillars, Acherontia atropos Dagger Moth Jewel Beetle ? New Guinea Metallic Mechanitis butterfly chrysalis, You can follow more about plants and nature on my pinterest boards: Chlorophyll & Co. : Garden Design: My Plant Library:


Amazing photograph of a Dragon fly. Insect covered in dew drops--like a living jewel - If all insects looked like this ... I wouldn't be so afraid of them!

This is a dragonfly covered in morning dew by martin amm

dragon fly dew drops | Dragonfly covered with dew drops

Martin Amm & Photoshop enhanced, dragon fly and dew

dew-covered dragon fly (red veined darter)

dragon fly In Morning Dew, By: Martin Amm

dewdrop coated dragon fly - amazing!

Morning dew drops on a Dragon fly

Photographer Martin Amm took this amazing macro photography of a red-veined darter dragonfly covered in dew. Link - via reddit...


Hold on Baby...


Insects iPhone Wallpapers, Animals iPhone Backgrounds wallpapers

Animals HD iPhone Wallpapers:- Download Insects iPhone 5 wallpaper, iPhone 4, 4S wallpaper and Backgrounds, Best Insects iPhone 640x960, 640x1136 or 320x480 wallpaper wallpapers

Insects iPhone wallpapers, Animals, Free, iPhone 4 wallpaper, iPod Touch Wallpapers, Backgrounds, Themes, HD iphone wallpaper

Insects iPhone wallpaper Free, iPhone 4 wallpaper, iPod Touch, HD iphone wallpapers


Red Ants...Photographer Eko said the results are 'amazing, especially when the 'Red Ants' appear to perform tricks'

Red fire ants balancing giant seed pods from a Mimosa tree above their heads. Photo by Eko Adiyanto for Caters News Agency.

Photographer Eko said the results are amazing, especially when the red ants appear to perform tricks like this for the camera which are unseen to the naked eye #ants #insects @Hank Gray

...In an amazing show of strength, they also move into different gravity-defying shapes as they carry their food back to the nest for the rest of their hungry ant pals...

red ants appear to perform tricks like this for the camera which are unseen to the naked eye

Weight lifting ants! Photographer Eko Adiyant love-these-images #Fitness #Diet

Ant antics! Insects show off amazing strength, teamwork -

Ant Antic's, insects showing off amazing strength, teamwork.



From "The Importance of Insects in the Web of Life," Mother Earth News: "Entomologist Brian Hocking made the daring but educated guess that the world population of insects is about one quintillion (1 followed by eighteen zeroes) individuals... Although insects are small, they are generally so numerous in most terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems that, on a per-acre basis, they not only outnumber but also outweigh all the other animals—including deer and moose—combined. (Photo by Giles Revell)

Woodlouse micrograph by Giles Revell

Cool works from photographer Giles Revell. Potato bug ~

Roly Poly, Pill Bug, Potato Bug

Giles Revell. Potato bug.

Giles Revell, Photographer · Projects · Insects

Portfolio of photographer Giles Revell. Projects include Insect Tectonics, campaign for Rainforest Action Network & Photofit with Matt Willey.


Cornelia Hesse-Honegger has collected, studied and painted morphologically disturbed insects, which she finds in the fallout areas of Chernobyl as well as near nuclear installations.

Out of Cornelia Hesse-Honegger's "HETEROPTERA The Beautiful and the Other, or Images of a Mutating World" (Scalo Zurich-Berlin-New York; ISBN 3-908247-31-4) Chernobyl Series Illustrations: Hesse-Honegger, scientific illustrator, documented the effects of radiation on the health of insects, completing beautiful hand drawn pictures of not-so-beautiful mutations.

Morphologically disturbed Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, scientific illustrator and science artist, was born in 1944 in Zurich, Switzerland. For 25 years she worked as a scientific illustrator for the scientific department of the Natural History Museum at the University of Zurich. Since the catastrophe of Chernobyl in 1986, she has collected, studied and painted morphologically disturbed insects, which she finds in the fallout areas of Chernobyl as well as near nuclear installations.

Bug, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, scientific illustrator and science artist

Scientific illustrations of morphologically disturbed insects

Beetle by scientific illustrator Cornelia Hesse-Honeg

Nature's patterns

artistic bug

Insect Illustrations of Cornelia Hesse-Honegger