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As sustainability in landscapes becomes an increasingly relevant issue in lawn care. Cutting Edge® Grass Seed provides a solution that helps eliminate the need for excessive fertilizers, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides and reduces the overall carbon footprint created by turf maintenance.

the new winner of Top Model, Insect Edition

#stocksytip: Curio collages are captivating and make fantastic backgrounds for designers.

My biology professor in college told me that one out of every five living things is a beetle.

10/1: I'm mostly in love with the texture of this insect's carapace. It's kept from being an overbearing block of color by the small winding lines running through it, and of course the massive straight ones running down the length of it. Additionally, it's a very rich orange. It pleases my cones and rods.

female Arizona Mantid, "Stagmomantis limbata", on lily // by Bob Jensen. This beneficial insect grows up to around 3 inches long and is found fromTexas to Southern California, north into Colorado and Utah, south into Mexico.

by Igor Siwanowicz (Grannies bonnet)

Insects Niet te herkennen van echt...vooral als ze verstopt zitten in een plant.

crazy weevil! - Wow! Did somebody paint that thing?