Old, burnt out Christmas lights dipped in glue then glitter. Pile in a big clear jar. I love this idea.

Made this with old strands of vintage Christmas lights wired to an old wreath form, super easy any fun!

Snow men made from small glass mason jars, or baby food jars, one jar has peppermint, another has cocoa, another has marshmallows, top with black hat and use permanent marker to color on buttons and face.

How To Glitterize Light Bulbs

Snowman lightbulb


Cute idea to decorate kiddos rooms! This is something little kids won't be able to mess up! (Hopefully)

Christmas calendar made from a muffin tin....just tuck a little treat behind each number...

Christmas decorations

feet and hands angel @Renee Truesdell.... to do with the kids!


Hallway lighting: old ornaments and twinkly lights in a glass jar

Snowman light bulb!

next christmas ornaments! next christmas ornaments!

38 Clever Christmas Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier. I knew of some of these and some are brilliant! holiday hacks, holiday ideas #lifehack

Love this idea...print sillouette, cover in glue and go glitter crazy!

Easy candle centerpiece using big, outdoor Chrstmas lights

DIY: Wine Bottle Christmas Light Decorations

Gather old Christmas lights, paint glue on, dip in glitter and display in a big clear jar.

Santa Footprints = Baking soda and Glitter :)