Old, burnt out Christmas lights dipped in glue then glitter. Pile in a big clear jar. I love this idea.

How To Glitterize Light Bulbs

Clever Christmas giftsmake for christmas gifts this year.

feet and hands angel @Renee Truesdell.... to do with the kids!


Hallway lighting: old ornaments and twinkly lights in a glass jar

snowman lightbulbs. cover with glue and glitter or glitter paint. let dry. paint base of bulb black. tie on string. decorate with puffy paint. super simple.

38 Clever Christmas Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier. I knew of some of these and some are brilliant! #holiday #Christmas #lifehacks

Made this with old strands of vintage Christmas lights wired to an old wreath form, super easy any fun!

Dog Crate Cover- Want it!!

Otra idea para la decoracion roja, se puede cambiar el color de acento

next christmas ornaments! next christmas ornaments!

How To Make a Christmas List Ornament

christmas craft ideas (6)

outdoor christmas decoration

Snowman Mason Jar Luminary Ornament Craft Idea | Tween Craft Ideas for Mom and Daughter (would be cute idea for baby food jars also)


Make a countdown plate! Use a Christmas charger (red, green, or gold). Paint a circle in the center with chalkboard paint.

Sparkleball made out of 50 clear solo cups and a string of Christmas lights - quick and easy

Glitter Bulbs. What: replacement bulbs at Walmart How: painted them with mod podge and sprinkled them with ultra-fine glitter. Super easy!