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When they get in your heart you never forget them. ------ Scottish Terrier My Grandmother had these- More than one Laddie and Muggins.such memories! Love these dogs.

Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/es/listing/51947867/westie-and-scottie-dog-toy-store-dopey

Westie and Scottie Dog Toy Store Dopey and Gallant Print Series Westhighland Scottish Terrier Childrens Book Vintage Image

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Ilustración en collage, animales de PETER CLARK : ColectivoBicicleta | Revista digital /Artes visuales. ilustración y diseño Colombia y Latinoamerica

peter clark dog collages - The Peter Clark Dog Collages will breed puppy love. UK-based artist Peter Clark works with found paper as a palette to craft beautiful collages.

Tarjetas de Navidad: familia de Scottish terrier (scottie) no quiere que Santa deja / Lynch arte popular

Christmas Cards: Scottish terrier (scottie) family doesn't want Santa to leave / Lynch folk art

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When it comes to dogs, they have a lot of talents that are pretty impressive, and their sense of smell is right up there. We checked with the American Kennel Club to find out – which breeds are known for having the best sense of smell?

Scottie Dogs  look at those cute little buns

Two tired Scotties waiting to pounce on any litter mate who happens by creating 'Scottie Screamers' running in circles chasing each other. You have got to have had or have Scotties to know of this phenomenon!

Beautiful Red Wheaten Scottie (Looks alot like my sweet Bonnie) and his son.  Apparently, wheaten is a recessive gene.

Beautiful Red Wheaten Scottie (Looks alot like my sweet Bonnie) and his son. Apparently, wheaten is a recessive gene.