Nacho Libre- stupidly funny! (Jack Black used to be my celebrity bf, but then someone told me a story about him and now I just appreciate and love him for his sense of humor)

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre

nacho libre :)

Nacho Libre

Workaholics!! haha!

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Harry Potter humor... haha

Nacho libre


"I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny and I too shall have my glory day in the hot sun." - Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre

Hehe so stupid it's hilarious

Nacho Libre

Popcorn...okay i laughed way to hard at this lol had my Mom in the room with me when i busted out laughing outta nowhere haha she just gave me a weird look and told me it wasnt that funny....but i still think its hilarious :)


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baby mama <3

I'm sorry but it is quite funny!!


bahahahaha! i constantly do one liners from nacho libre at work, but my work mates havent seen the movie so the incredible humor is lost on them :(