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List Of Elites That Run The Federal Reserve.1)Lord Jacob de Rothchild 2)his son Nathaniel 3)Baron de Rothchild 4)Sir Evelyn de Rothchild 5)Nathan Warburg 6)David Rockefeller 7)Henry Kissinger 8)George Soros 9)Paul Volker 10) Larry Summer 11)Lloyd Blankfein 12)Ben Shalom. Soon they will also run the New World Order.


You Got A Point Hemingway

An intimate portrait of legendary American writer and War correspondent Ernest Hemingway in 1944. Product in photo is from


George Carlin On Praying

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Prayer, America, United States, United States of America, USA. America prays to god to destroy our enemies: our enemies pray to god to destroy us. Someone's gonna be disappointed... Someone's wasting their fuckin' time. Could it be... everyone?