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World War II Uniforms - Germany - 1944 Apr., Poland, Private, Leibstandarte Division Germany - 1944 June, Normandy, Private, Hitlerjugend Division Germany - 1944 Sep., Leipzig, Auxiliary, Flak unit Greece - 1941 Apr., Greece, Able Seaman, Greek Nav

World War II Uniforms - Germany - 1941 July, Western USSR, Lance-Corporal, Panzer Lehr Regiment Germany - 1941 Germany - 1943 Feb., Stalingrad, Private, 389th Inf. Division Germany - 1944 Aug., Western USSR, Major, Stukageschwader 2

World War II Uniforms - Abyssinia - 1941, Ethiopia, Private, Abyssinian Patriot Army Australia - 1941 Jan., North Africa, Private, 6th Division Australia - 1941 Mar., Syria, Private, 7th Division Australia - 1941 May, Tobruk, Private, 9th Division

World War II Uniforms -United Kingdom – 1941 Jan., North Africa, Corporal, 6th Royal Tank Regiment United Kingdom – 1941 Nov., North Africa, Pilot, No. 112 Sqn, RAF United Kingdom – 1941 Oct., North Africa, Captain, 3rd King”s Own Hussars United Kingdom – 1942 Mar., St Nazaire, Sergeant, No. 1 Commando

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How a soldier shot a famous general’s funeral in Normandy after D-day

Patton & Teddy Roosevelt Jr (1943) This past week I spoke with a D Day veteran who told us he was on the same vessel going into Normandy as Teddy Roosevelt (the younger). He was helped over the side by a man who said "Good luck son." Not having a clue who that man was he got into the LST. Another fellow said. "Do you know who that was! That was Gen. Roosevelt!.

Portrait of Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery on his appointment as Colonel Commandant of the Parachute Regiment, 1944.

World War II Uniforms - France - 1943 June, Ukraine, Private, French Volunteer Legion France - 1944 May, Italy, Goumier, French African troops Germany - 1939 May, Madrid, Pilot, Condor Legion Germany - 1939 Sep., Baltic Sea, Seaman, German Navy

World War II Uniforms - Greece - 1940 Oct., Greece, Lieutenant, Artillery Regiment Greece - 1941 Mar., Greece, Wing Commander, Fighter Squadron Hungary - 1941 July, Southern USSR, Sergeant, Hungarian Gendarmerie Hungary - 1943 Jan., Southern USSR, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Armored Division