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Afrikakorps 1941-1943

Waffen SS - Uomini della 2. Kompanie, 1° SS PanzerGrenadieren Regiment, Poteau, 18 dicembre 1944

World War II Uniforms -United Kingdom – 1941 Jan., North Africa, Corporal, 6th Royal Tank Regiment United Kingdom – 1941 Nov., North Africa, Pilot, No. 112 Sqn, RAF United Kingdom – 1941 Oct., North Africa, Captain, 3rd King”s Own Hussars United Kingdom – 1942 Mar., St Nazaire, Sergeant, No. 1 Commando

World War II Uniforms -Finland - 1939 Sep., Lake Lagoda, Seaman, Lake Lagoda Flotilla Finland - 1943, Pilot Finland AF Finland - 1943 Jan., around Leningrad, Captain, 2nd Division Finland - 1944 May, Karelia, Lieutenant, Infantry Division

DUTCH and FRENCH SS - 1 SS.Oberscharfuehrer, Pionier Kompanie 33, Berlin 1945 - 2 Grenadier, 33.Waffen SS Division "Charlemagne", Pomerania, 1945 - 3 SS-Unterscharfuehrerm Landstorm Nederland, Holland 1945

"Afrikakorps 1941-1943"

British Soldier - Wiltshire regiment WW2 - a steely determination and a desire to get the job done

German uniforms during World War II

"Afrikakorps 1941-1943"

World War II Uniforms - Germany - 1941 July, Western USSR, Lance-Corporal, Panzer Lehr Regiment Germany - 1941 Germany - 1943 Feb., Stalingrad, Private, 389th Inf. Division Germany - 1944 Aug., Western USSR, Major, Stukageschwader 2

World War II Uniforms - Abyssinia - 1941, Ethiopia, Private, Abyssinian Patriot Army Australia - 1941 Jan., North Africa, Private, 6th Division Australia - 1941 Mar., Syria, Private, 7th Division Australia - 1941 May, Tobruk, Private, 9th Division

Afrikakorps 1941-1943

World War II Uniforms - France - 1943 June, Ukraine, Private, French Volunteer Legion France - 1944 May, Italy, Goumier, French African troops Germany - 1939 May, Madrid, Pilot, Condor Legion Germany - 1939 Sep., Baltic Sea, Seaman, German Navy

Patton & Teddy Roosevelt Jr (1943) This past week I spoke with a D Day veteran who told us he was on the same vessel going into Normandy as Teddy Roosevelt (the younger). He was helped over the side by a man who said "Good luck son." Not having a clue who that man was he got into the LST. Another fellow said. "Do you know who that was! That was Gen. Roosevelt!.

World War II Uniforms - Greece - 1940 Oct., Greece, Lieutenant, Artillery Regiment Greece - 1941 Mar., Greece, Wing Commander, Fighter Squadron Hungary - 1941 July, Southern USSR, Sergeant, Hungarian Gendarmerie Hungary - 1943 Jan., Southern USSR, 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Armored Division

UNIFORMS - An assortment of uniforms worn by British forces during WWII.

Afrikakorps 1941-1943

World War II Uniforms - Germany - 1942 July, GFM Erick von Manstein; Sebastopol. Germany - 1944 Spring, Erwin Rommel; French coast. Germany - 1944 September, GFM Walter Model; Holland. Germany - 1943-44, GenObst Heinz Guderian.

U.S. WWII Paratrooper Outfit (my grandpa was one. Not sure what war though. I need to confirm).

waffen ss - mann

Lance Corporal RCMP Italy 1943. private Canadian Special Services Italy 1943, and private 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion North West Europe 1944.