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Explore Abruzzo'S Bitter, Bitter Sweet, and more!

Italian Style Swiss Chard and Cannellini Beans My grandmother, Amalia, grew up in the Abruzzo region of Italy where a favorite vegetable side dish was made with swiss chard and beans, sprinkled liberally with red pepper flakes. After she immigrated to America, my grandmother cultivated swiss chard in the alleyway alongside her house in Welllsburg, West Virginia. Following her family traditions, she was inspired to make this bitter greens and beans pairing, which became a favorite weekday and…

Champagne? No it's one of the best extra virgin oil from Abruzzo! "OIL CHAMPAGNE". The champagne, high-quality product and a symbol of luxury and wealth, has inspired the production of this extra virgin olive oil. A precious organic oil, with light intensity of bitter and spicy, very balanced and harmonious. Great attention to detail, quality and authenticity.

The liqueur Genziana made from the gentian root lutea collected, dried and left to macerate in alcohol. Liquor has digestive properties and a bitter tonic, which helps digestion after meals. The final solution is initially sweet, then characterized by a very pleasant bitter aftertaste. This liquor is made traditionally in the Apennine Mountains of Abruzzo. The root of the Gentian plant used grows naturally in the area.