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Today I’ll show you some pics of Ringdoll Kirin from a Japanese RD fan ——aPPlejaZZ. Here’s author‘s website is:http://applejazz.deviantart.com/. The doll in the pics’ Ringdoll limited Kirin:http://ringdoll.com/product/RingSpecial/kirin.html. Hope you like them~~ Contact us:jenny@ringdoll.com.

In case you aren't familiar with this issue. some doll companies have really large hea.


Job was one of my very first dollshe boys. He is loosely based off of one of my favorite video game characters, Zhou Tai from "Dynasty Warriors".

Ball-jointed Doll

July was his birthday but he seems sulky because I wasn't free to celebrate him on that day nor able to give him what he wants = =lll -------------- Veyron - Volks Ryoya Konoe

f8be7c75.jpg (JPEG 画像, 700x1061 px) - 表示倍率 (96%)

bjd doll Gluino bjd sd doll big handsome male with free eyes +face make up