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  • leisa ramos

    Small dog, big bed; Big dog, small bed- too cute- sweet- pets-

  • Jessica 'Baxter' Hanyzewski

    So funny - Charlie and Izzie do this, too. Little dog takes big bed, big dog settles for little bed even though big dog could totally kick little dog's a**!

  • Stephanie

    Big dog in a little bed, little dog in a big bed... Irish Wolfhounds ❤️

  • Kimberly Sutherland

    #dogs big dog is in big bed so little dog gets on big dog's bed!!!

  • Michelle Gaffney

    so funny, big dogs think they are small, small dogs think they are big! Silly dogs :)

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This is adorable!!


The owner said that the Buck used to come over so much that they got it its own bed.

"Pardon me ... the birds said to tell you the feeder is empty."

Faith in humanity restored.

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Heart-shaped spot on forehead. So cute!

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nap time

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