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On picking unique pieces for her home: "Rather than buying on trend, Jake and I were both attracted to things that felt timeless. I like it when you can't tell an objects age, when you don't know whether it's brand new or a century old."

Discover Your Home Decor Personality: Inspirations for the Eclectic Collector

Some decor styles are easy to pin point, as they follow certain rules. But for the eclectic collector, there are no pre-set design mandates. This artfully cluttered, anything goes aesthetic is all about throwing caution to the wind and filling your home with things you love that you've picked up along your journeys, whether from Monaco, Morocco or Minneapolis.

How to Create a Charming Vintage Kids Room

This room has a bit of everything thrown in - vintage furniture, vintage fabrics, vintage frames and more. The result is stunning! Charming , captivating and a magical space for a child

BLACK interior decor is a thing that goes with a simple style of decor. And with a simple black you could never go wrong, even when it comes to lighting pieces. | Interior design trends for 2015 #interiordesignideas #trendsdesign For more inspirations:

How to Create a Charming Vintage Kids Room

Creating a vintage space doesn't always mean lots and lots of things. If you prefer to keep things minimal, this rooms shows you can still have a stylish vintage space that's pared back.

H&M Home goes Urban Jungle

H&M Homes printemps la nature est de retour, a home decor post from the blog PLANETE DECO a homes world, written by lilly rose durand on Bloglovin’