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Charlotte Lyons

just look at those stitches! Charlotte Lyons!

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Bluebirds Flickr

Charlotte Lyons. Stitching on old pillow cases.

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Rice stitch, loose French knots, cross stitch and rhodes stitches on liberated canvas work.


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The Hundreds

Stitch National

This booklet is intended to get you started in enjoying embroidery, learning basic techniques and just a few of the hundreds of stitches available. There are many books and magazines from which you c

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flower in my garden hand embroidery stitch sewing

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Charlotte Lyons - House Wren studio

Etsyfrom Etsy

Above all, be kind - stitch sampler and pillow front

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Lyons Sampler

"Above All Be Kind" stitch sampler and pillow by Charlotte Lyons. Love the colors!

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Charlotte Lyons

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good deeds live long | charlotte lyons sampler

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cross stitch

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Master Makoto Oozu Collection 01 - Cross Stitch Icons Shopping Mall 900 - Japanese craft book

Icons Shopping

Shopping Malls

Dogs Dachshund

Dogs Dogs

Dog Cat


Perler Dog

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Cross Stitch dogs

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Disney Cross Stitch.

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I really like this stitch

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Babushka Cross

cross stitch



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love all the different stitches in this