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Chuckie #rugrats

my childhood role model

Rànquing dels personatges de sèries i les seves mascotes - Llistes a 20minutos.es

The Rugrats - fav childhood show

1000+ ideas about Rugrats on Pinterest | Hey arnold, Powerpuff ...

Lillian Marie Jill "Lil" DeVille is the twin sister of Phil DeVille from the Nickelodeon shows.

The Best After School Shows from the 90s

The Best After School Shows from the '90s

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Chuckie Finster voiced by the late Christine Cavanaugh may she rest in eternal peace.

Susie Carmichael- Rugrats. She consistently took no shit from anyone, including Angelica her best friend. demonstrating that you can still support your fellow ladies even if you don’t necessarily agree with everything they do. She was brought in as a "foil" to Angelica, as she also is Angelica's biggest rival and helps the babies to stand up to her. Tommy and the Rugrats look up to their friend Susie Carmichael. She posseses the kind of wisdom you can only get from experience.

It started with Susie Carmichael.

Rugrats Grown Up Fan Art | One real "Rugrats" artist imagines what the characters would look like as adults. #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/2015/11/98084/rugrats-grown-up-artist

See What "The Rugrats" Would Look Like All Grown Up

One real "Rugrats" artist imagines what the characters would look like as adults.

Chuckie, Dil and Tommy

Chuckie, Dil and Tommy

Poor, little Chuckie  #redheads

Famous Cartoon Redheads

Chuckie from Rug Rats

rugrats characters | Lil DeVille Picture - Rugrats

I got Lil DeVille! Which "Rugrats" Character Is Your Partner In Crime?

The Rugrats Movie (1998)

Cheryl Chase in The Rugrats Movie


I dont know why this isnt a thing yet but here are some images we can possibly use to make an add on set to the Rugrats!

57 libros que aparecen en Daria y deberías leer

The TV Show Daria featured quite a few emblems of the literary realm.


'Rugrats' Creator Addresses Fan Theory That the Babies Were All in Angelica's Head

The babies scared lolz

Aventuras en Pañales

Which “Rugrats Character Should You Babysit? I got chuckie


Didi Pickles/mom on the Rugrats