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it's better not to tbvh, sangwoo is a manipulative asshole. It's such an abusive relationship. I think he's only keeping Yoonbum for his satisfaction on playing god. If he really loved Bum, he wouldn't be treating him like shit to the point where he fucking broke his legs and choked him almost to death.~featlight

I bet Michael before taking the picture was like; "Luke, kiss my cheek the fans will go crazy!"

This Idiot has shown us all year long what a Repulsive, Duplicitous Hate Monger he is. He Divided and Conquered the minds of America. He's not crazy....He's Evil.

Hahahaha exactly what it looks like! xD

➡PAY ATTENTION LIBTARDS: ZERO evidence that Russia did the hacking..... but this is SO, SO TRUE!!! It's the ONLY way that American citizens got to see at least SOME of the Democrats in action!

Omg this is hysterical... And sadly kinda true, these do seem to be the words they use to push their fake agenda ;oP*

WHOAH! Puberty hit him hard. He had this sweet and kind look....and now he is just fucking hot.