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This is SO true! I'm Multifandom so I don't even care about loving just one band - BUT even if u do and you stick just with one band - don't spread hate on other idols and idol groups. This behavior is honestly disgusting. We all love kpop. So please share this love and respect other fandoms as well as our favorite idols do respect each other so much! ❤

I like how when the maknae line talks the other members just shove the goddamn mic into their faces

Screw this. I'm pooping in the house today.

Busted! Happens for real. Jordi and Peanut never let me get in the house unscathed IF I've been "talking" to others.

Exactly. Some day it will be our kids flipping through the channels the parents who come running...I DID THIS THE OTHER DAY AND I WASNT EVEN IN MY HOUSE I WAS IN MY DRIVEWAY

One time I was at my cousins house and my brother and him were roasting each other and my brother goes "Why don't you ever roast her?" And my cousins just looks at me with a sad look and says "because she roast herself enough."