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  • Ellie

    Pup at Christmas time

  • Lilly Mathers

    I wanna be blindfolded and taken to a litter of golden retriever puppies and then let them run to me!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be the best day ever!!! #Bucket #list #bucketlist

  • Zoe Schafer

    I've always wanted to find a puppy in a box under the Christmas tree.

  • DeLaney Gish

    Bucketlist: Be Given a Puppy as a Christmas Present.

  • Courtney Coombes

    I'm am a total animal person. If my future husband wants to gain serious points with is the key!

  • Katerina Kou

    Inspiring picture animal, christmas dog, cute, holiday puppy, puppy. Resolution: 500x333 px. Find the picture to your taste!

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yes. i don't care if i'm 6 feet tall! ♥

I've technically got this ... but shoes are my obsession and I will never have too many :)

why not? working on it now... living with a British brother! ;) I won't even care if you make fun! Sibs! you know who you are!!

Bucket List: Give a homeless person a Christmas present :)

Go on a no-budget shopping spree( kinda just did this. Bought a pair of 110$ Oakley sunglasses and didn't care that I was spending that much on one thing.

my ma use to do this for me on my bdays which ever store i picked and was most of thhe time VS butt there was a budget .. not that lucky lol.

You got your hands up, your rocking in my truck, you got the radio on, your singing every song...Im set on cruise control, Im slowly loosing hope, with everything I got, your looking so dang hot..& I dont know what road were on or where weve been from starring at you girl all I know is I dont want this night to end♥ Meet Luke bryan:) My FAVORITE♥

With an unlimited amount of spending money. (Maybe that's more of a wish than something that I could actually do)