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Preventing Mold On Fresh Berries

This is a guide about preventing mold on fresh berries. It is so disappointing to buy fresh berries only to have them mold before you can use them all.

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How to Wash Your Fruit

For longer lasting fresh fruits and vegetables, wash them in this simple solution.

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Kitchen Kapers: DIY Fruit & Veggie Wash

Cleaning fruit - fill sink with water, add 1 C. vinegar, mix. Add all fruit and soak for 10 minutes. Water will be dirty and fruit will sparkle with no wax or dirty film. Great for Berries too--keeps them from molding.

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The Surprising Way to Keep Avocados Fresh That Will Blow Your Mind

Keep cut avocados fresh by placing in a tupperware on top of a red onion cut into large chunks. Pit should be facing up. The onion emits sulfur gases, which stop the oxidation process that turns avos brown!

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How to Freeze Herbs

How to Freeze Herbs - tips for freezing herbs in water, oil, or broth.

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Smart Tip: Keep Berries Fresh Longer With This Washing Method

Smart Tip: Keep Berries Fresh Longer With This Washing Method

TIP: When you get your berries home, prepare a mixture of one part vinegar (white or apple cider) and ten parts water. Dump the berries into the mixture and swirl around. Drain, rinse if you want (though the mixture is so diluted you can't taste the vinegar,) and pop in the fridge. The vinegar kills any mold spores and other bacteria on the surface. Raspberries will last a week or more, and strawberries go almost two weeks without getting moldy and soft.


Tips, Tips, and More Tips

Those packages of pre-sliced apples you can buy at store are great for a healthy snack on the go but the price can add up. Make your own by slicing apples, soak in cold water for 3-5 minutes, then soak in a lemon-lime carbonated soda (such as 7-up or sprite) for 3-5 minutes. Divide into snack size portions and store in Ziploc bags in the fridge. The lemon-lime soda will keep the apples from browning and make them last longer.


Substitute for Buttermilk

Buttermilk substitute - for when you don't have any on hand for baking (not for dressings, etc)

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Tuesday Ten: How to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

to make berries last longer: rinse them in vinegar (both white and apple cider will work)

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Make and Store a Salad that Will Stay Fresh and Crisp All Week Long

This trick of putting a paper towel in with your salad lettuce will keep it fresh all week long. The paper towel will absorb the moisture, which is the culprit for wilting lettuce. - [27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible!!!] Be sure to check out my website for even more recipes and cooking tips! www.PamperedChef.Biz/CookingWithCortneyS

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Make Berries Last Longer

Use vinegar to rinse berries to help them last longer {wierd things that work}.

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How I Lost 20 Pounds in 2.5 Months

Whole 30 lunch recipes for slimming plan.

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Make Your Own Buttermilk

how to make buttermilk from regular milk This really works I've done this several times b/c I never buy buttermilk