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Ain't that the truth!.....  10612647_10152576799117945_1928619537425221532_n.jpg (420×536)

Maxine: I don't need one of those new fitness bands. I have a mirror to tell me I'm out of shape.


FedEx 2 Day Saturday Delivery Shipping Charge


Maxine: Recycling is nothing new to me. I've been losing and gaining the same ten pounds for twenty years!

It should be...;)

With all the craziness in Washington, I'm surprised April Fools' Day isn't a federal holiday.

Hot Flash Hell

Maxine-This heat wave is brutal! Not only is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk,but you can use your mailbox as a toaster oven.

Does anyone else wonder if Maxine has a drinking problem?  LOL

Does anyone else wonder if Maxine has a drinking problem?

Aliens visit D.C.? Not if they're looking for leaders...

A new survey says that a third of Americans believe we've been visited by extraterrestrials. I hope the aliens didn't look in Washington D. for intelligent life. I'd hate to see them come all that way for nothing.

Barbara Goodwin, Christina Chadd have you two been watching the boy's?  I have to clean the tv screen, too steamed up!  Coffee

just a couple more pots.actually, just a couple more cappuccinos from Wawa…

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The *Answer = "My Itchy *Ears !" "If you're not supposed to stick Q-tips in your Ears, what the Heck are they for ?