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Facebook Says “Yo Google and Apple, HTML5 Apps Will Suck Until Your Mobile Browsers Improve”

Facebook Says “Yo Google and Apple, HTML5 Apps Will Suck Until Your Mobile Browsers Improve”

Vibrant Symbolic and Abstract Acrylic Art By Artist Jeremy Aiyadurai

How Your Wireless Carrier Gets Your Data Usage Wrong | MIT Technology Review 9/13

How Your Wireless Carrier Overcharges You

Bad coverage and streaming video can confuse carriers into making you pay for data you never receive.

Drake Martinet is an associate editor at D: AllThingsDigital and teaches journalism at Stanford University. For the purposes of this post, however, all that matters is that he's madly in love with Stacy Green, Mashable's Vice President of Marketing and Communications.  Love makes us do crazy things, and this infographic is an attempt at the impossible — to quantify just how fortunate I am to have Stacy Green in my...

Stacy Green, Will You Marry Me? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cutest thing ever! Where do I find a guy like this? lol An adorable infographic proposal // Stacy Green, Will You Marry Me?

Advice From The Game Maker That Made GungHo Worth $14B: “Listen To Your Wife.” - http://mobilephoneadvise.com/advice-from-the-game-maker-that-made-gungho-worth-14b-listen-to-your-wife

Puzzles & Dragons - Android and IOS. This is the best game I've found so far on mobile phones. I've put countless hours into it and it's so awesome to play. You can build up and combine your monsters , invite friends, it never gets old.

The 7 best new features of iOS 7

The official promo WWDC 2013 AD of : iOS the latest version of Apple’s flagship mobile operating system, is here, and it’s alm.

Mr. Android

Mr Android 2011 - Android users are going to have something to say about Mr. Android 2011 is a composite image of what the typical Android user loo.

oving beyond the desktop world to keep attuned toMobile app development is taking centre stage as far as today's business world is concerned.As mobile technology keeps the customers stay connected for almost all the time, enterprises are m their customer's needs.

An App “Middle Class” Continues To Grow: Independently Owned Apps With A Million-Plus Users Up In Past 18 Months

Facebook Likes Just Got Cray Cray

Facebook Likes Just Got Cray Cray

In light of its impending multi-billion-dollar IPO, its user base of 900 million and its increasingly sprawling design and user experience, some people have.

The decline and fall of 'Draw Something'

Just six weeks ago, Draw Something was the hottest mobile game in the world, but today its popularity has collapsed and Zynga may be left holding the bag.

Need A Date Idea? Delightful Sells Tailored Dates For The Couple That Has Done Everything

Need A Date Idea? Delightful Sells Tailored

Running low on new ideas for date night? Delightful is a service built for couples to make date night easier —.


Windows Phone News: Selective social network Path has finally opened the floodgates on Windows Phone with a public beta launch – though somehow I doubt.

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet | Infographic

Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

Instagram is an application in the photography category for the mobile phone which allows filtering and sharing of pictures. This consumer-facing app has grown so fast that facebook purchased the photo-sharing service last spring.

From 0 To $1 Billion In Two Years: