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Muslim Architecture - Arab Old Town, Morocco http://www.hilalplaza.com/Islamic-World-Middle-East/Morocco/Travel/

Bratislava, Slovakia

Dating back to the 2nd century C.E., this wonderfully restored Roman amphitheatre should be at the top of any tourist’s itinerary when visiting Amman.

Bratislava, Slovakia

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Bratislava, Slovakia, I was walking around those statues every day at summer 2011 because of my summer school!

The Dripstone National Recreation Trail tours are available year-round. The time you should allow for this tour is 1 hour. On this tour you will experience a constant 58 degrees F (so bring a sweat...

Manhole Cover !!!! Bratislava, Slovakia

Cuba - Capitolio Nacional. Cuba - Area: 110,861 sq km. The largest island in the Caribbean. Population: 11,204,351. Capital: Havana. Official language: Spanish. 4 languages.

Street Sculpture in Bratislava, Slovakia.


hotel in Bratislava

La Fortaleza -- The Governor's residence

Street art

What a magnificent scene in Marinette, Wisconsin! A ¼ mile hike will lead you to Long Slide Falls, a beautiful 50 foot cascade that drops though unique rock formations.


Aerial view of the isthmus, Madison WI..Easy to see from here but hard to drive around..That's to keep out the Want-A-Be's around the Square...

#street art

East Village, Des Moines

Bratislava, Slovakia