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Listening to the song right now. One of my favorites because it speaks the truth and still applies today

John (if you look at his left arm you can see he has pack of cigarettes rolled up on his t- shirt sleeve) ♥♥♥

John Lennon - His parents were unable to provide him with a stable home so when he was five years old, his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George adopted him. They brought up a creative, brilliant young man who influenced millions.

Five Great Rock Songs

John Lennon John Winston later Ono Lennon was born on Octo Born Octo Site is part of the Love Earth network Born in Liverpool Artist and peace activist Songwriter

Super-John!! I think he's better than the actual superman if I do say so myself

John Lennon being John Lennon

one of the smartest things ive heard....everything that comes out of this mans mouth....i mean seriously!!!!!

John Lennon agrees: “Happiness is the key to life". The meaning behind my key tattoo! Have to find ur "key" aka what makes u happy!

John lennon young black and white photograph _____________________________John Lennon <3 (R. I. P.)

Across The Universe - Capitulo 18

John Lennon on skateboard on location during the filming of “Help!” in the Bahamas in Photo Henry Grossman

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Decorate With An Iconic John Lennon Music Poster. In This Black & White Photography Portrait, The Famed Beatles Frontman Strikes A Casual Pose In A Classic New York City T-Shirt.

"You, you may say   I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one  I hope some day you'll join us  And the world will live as one."                 - John Lennon

"If someone thinks, that love and peace is a cliche that must have been left behind in the Sixties, that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal" - JOHN LENNON

I remember where I was when John Lennon was shot as well as I remember where I was when I heard about JFK's assassination. I was on the air at Y93 in Billings. It was like someone in my family had been killed. I turned that night into John Lennon/Beatles retrospective. RIP John.

Beatles Pictures

reminds me of someone I once knew that was a beatle? lmao

Beatlemaníaca desde eu ainda me surpreendo com fotos incríveis dos Beatles [e que eu NUNCA tinha visto na vida]. Beatlemaniac since I am still surprised by incredible pictures of the Beatles [and that I had NEVER seen in my life].

John Lennon The Beatles, 9.10. 2015 http://netkaup.is/2013/10/09/the-beatles-as-the-best-artist-of-all-time/

John Lennon in one of the "Beatles Suits".and STILL, and always will be, my all-time hero.