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Alternative Schools got it right! Personalized education is the best way to get students interested in their education...why aren't mainstream schools figuring this out? Teach students to think inwardly to develop empathy and expression...use the arts! don't marginalize them!

A TED talk for teenagers! Wanna learn about why your not suppose to listen to your parents? In less than 10 minutes you get a tour of the brain!

Edutopiafrom Edutopia

Dipsticks: Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding

Dipsticks: 53 Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding. Through alternative formative assessment, teachers can check for student understanding.

The Cornerstonefrom The Cornerstone

8 ways teachers can talk less and get kids talking more

the person doing the talking is the person doing the learning

Born to Learn is the first animation in a series aimed to provide easy-access to new discoveries being made about how humans learn! Narrated by Damian Lewis

YouTubefrom YouTube

Hip-Hop & Shakespeare? Akala at TEDxAldeburgh

TEDxTalk on how Shakespeare created hip hop. Great on getting students intrigued on Shakespeare.

Brain Pickingsfrom Brain Pickings

Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and Changing Educational Paradigms

We have a system of education that is modeled on the interest of industrialism and in the image of it. School are still pretty much organized on factory lines — ringing bells, separate facilities, specialized into separate subjects. We still educate children by batches. Why do we do that?”

TED talk: The Future of Learning - “Encouragement is the key. Examinations are seen as threats by our brains. Threats shut down the parts of our brain which learn. We need to shift the balance back from threat to pleasure. It’s not about making learning happen; it’s about letting it happen.”

What is the purpose and value of Art education in the 21st Century? Foley makes the case the Art’s critical value is to develop learners that think like Arti...