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ReCaFo (Real Caribbean Food)from ReCaFo (Real Caribbean Food)

Rick’s Cafe, Negril, Jamaica

Rick’s Cafe is a beautiful cliff spot located on the West End of Negril, Jamaica. Description from I searched for this on

Dahlia Café au Lait...I've never seen this gorgeous shade of dahlia. It's a hard creamy color to describe, but I certainly do love it!!!

Nina wanted something unique, a modern bike that was reliable with fuel injection and ABS but with an old school cafe racer look....

The Laundromat Cafe in Reykjavik: a good place to grab a drink, have some food, do some laundry, read a book, and otherwise excel at multitasking.

The Brooklyn Strategist is a Combination Board Game/Coffee Shop in Carroll Gardens, Queens... The Brooklyn Strategist in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn runs after school programs for kids, has a coffee shop, and becomes a BYOB game center for adults by night.

I like the ideal of a little storage area in front of the wall. It could be used for storing lost and found, for additional information, purses, etc.


An entry from Emilialua

Ledge/molding is a fantastic way to break up a tall building. Also, entrance on the corner is tops blooby. Not to mention the great flowering vine. :)

Foursquarefrom Foursquare

T-Rex Cafe

Kansas City, KS - T-Rex Cafe is a wild place to shop, eat, explore and discover. Guests are treated to a prehistoric adventure, including face-to-face encounters with life-size dinosaurs, geysers, ice caves, a waterfall and even a dinosaur dig. T-Rex offers a remarkable array of electic food, exceptional service and phenomenal retail including Build-a-Dino workshop.

I like the idea of a bit wall art like this. Perhaps our story with pictures. Get Dad to do it?

Plataforma Arquitecturafrom Plataforma Arquitectura

Galería de Fiii Fun House / Íris Cantante - 3

This cafe features wooden swing seats for both adults and children.