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Pocket Princesses 186: Legacy Please reblog, do not repost, edit or remove credits Facebook ~ Instagram

Pocket Princesses 183: Troll-o-gram Please Reblog, do not repost, edit or remove captions

Pocket Princesses: #186

We may have lost Carrie Fisher far too soon, but her performances, her mental illness advocacy and her words will live forever. She'll always be Princess Leia, the strong woman who lead a rebellion, and will always be remembered in my heart. May the force be with you, and rest in peace Princess.

Disney's Pocket Princesses

Disney's Pocket Princesses

pocket princesses I love the one we're there all on top of Baymax and the ginger one too' what did oaken put in this?'

pssgrtak: “i have small dream where I’ll get to see the squat squad sit together one day probably never happen…but still I can dream ”