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I don't know if I'm too old to crush over celebs now but Theo James can enter my life at any point now. ---------- in response to this I would like to say that I find absolutely ZERO attractiveness in Theo James.

Do you want to build a snowman parody. Except Theo is Percy and Instagram is Pinterest. Who wants to help me write the rest?!

Do you want to join a fandom? Or read some series with me? I really think you should this book, and too How about we join another fandom!



Oh no that's fine I don't need my heart (*crys silently for the rest of eternity *)

29 Times Tumblr Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

Jon Stewart discovers print books!

Truth About Books

Jon Stewart, explaining to young people why books are awesome. I love this. Even tho I read on an iPad now, books always win.

knife throwing contest time

Divergent the only time I would like Peter <<<Uh, HAVE YOU READ INSURGENT? I mean seriously. *doesn't spoil for people that haven't read Insurgent*


They forgot Amity <<< cuz they don't yet have a picture of Johanna Reyes (I think that's her name, correct me if I'm wrong) so true though

My poor heart... (he was so precious) #BigHero6 #Tadashi #Hiro <- Please don't step on the pieces of my shattered heart, you might cut yourself.

Feels. Big Hero 6 Feels.

Baby Hiro and awesome Tadashi Its so cute but also very sad, especially because Hiro lost him in the movie.

Being Rory | The Gilmore Project | Lessons learned from The Gilmore Girls.

A summer reading flow chart from the folks at Daily Infographic. For those of you who don't know what to read next

At a time this was funny but now it's just not okay, CURSE YOU ALLEGIANT

Day 17: Divergent in Cats, and a Bad-Ass Banana Muffin Recipe

Don't know if I should be laughing or crying. I remember it from the book i think but I must've missed it in the movie.

I wish I had one of those

I wish I had one of those

I haven't read allegiant yet, thanks reader chick! I am so angered about tris dying!!!

You cannot NOT cry.<---cry is an understatement<--- this is so amazing, it deserves all my tears.<---- they got all my feels and all my FANDOMS excuse me while I go sob in a corner