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You need to create a little shape and drape for your skirt. Skirts with construction that give the illusions of curviness. A-line skirt (if you´re heavy on the torso, choose skirts with zips on the side), torso skirts (or peplum), circle or flare skirts (skims over hips and a wide, full hem), pencil (without waistband, hit below the knee-length and worn with high heels), and bias skirt (always inspect your rearview and make sure you don´t have a very flat look from behind).

10 Coolest Ads Using Street Art

Nice little advertising campaign, using street art to raise awareness of parking safety by using lifelike images of kids playing in a car park in Brussels.

Tom Hesser Nissan

"Engage Reverse, and the standard RearView Monitor is there to assist you. A camera on the rear of the vehicle helps show you what's directly behind you, on the dash-mounted screen in front of you. Because it’s nice to have a little back-up when you’re backing up." -Nissan

See All The Behind-The-Scenes Action From The CFDA Awards

Just let it go - art print - handmade home decor - beige background

And this is why I need to let It barely even talk To Me when we so see each other and It tears me Up Inside :*( And every week I feel Broken a little more, then I make myself heal Just to do the things I tell myself I won't do. I text you because I miss you so much but I need to just put it behind me... I am happy that you are happy and that is what matters, you being happy. #ineedtoacceptit #itstillhurts #ineedtoheal

A little more stylish and still tactically useful. :) Rear Mirror View Rearview Behind Spy Sunglasses Monitor