Staircase Slide Combo Built By The Coolest Parents Ever

Caves for beds. I could only imagine how happy this would make some kids and even teenager! asleep in my own little cave . . .but sister or borhter in the cave next over! my kids would Love this! except the part where they would HAVE to climb down in the mornings! lol

This is such a cool idea! It works out well for the kids and the parents. I want this in my dream home. Slide > Stairs any day.

umm OMG who wouldn't want lego walls?! yes this is a great playroom idea and older boys rooms i like this for teens not kidding they could get serious one day and megalith some building i say just seed the room with the supplies and watch them go i like this for man cave but no guy is going to cop to this level of little boy in the open a shame i would love to have this around all the time

Painted Book Stairs.

A low-ceiling crawl space transformed into a secret hideaway in a kid's room

Coolest parents ever. Rock wall to secret play space above rooms, there is an entrance from each kid's room to the shared space

pinterest kids bedroom art | Decor / Kid's Bedroom

DIY sliding barnwood door

dark floors, gray walls, white trim.

I can promise you that my future home WILL have a staircase like this.

Dear future me: you better be the coolest parent out there and put a slide on the stairs.

Lofted beds with walk-in closet underneath.This is by far the coolest thing ever

Ceiling Hammock Sleeping Loft for Tiny Houses? How cool is this!!

Indoor slide.... oh, to have the money for this!!!!

Dustin and I used to draw houses with slides like this! Except this one would have went outside, to a pool..

Hall or Basement Lights. I love this! I hate walking through the house when it's dark.

Cute little built in club house and slide. Great for a basement finishing job

super cool kids room with slide