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  • crestmediainc

    Social Alchemy: #SocialMedia Marketing Elements & Compounds [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • Marianne Maurer

    Social Alchemy - Periodic Table of Social Media: Social Media Marketing Elements & Compounds

  • Angel Fernandez Varela

    Tabla Periódica de Social Media / Periodic Table of Social Media (June 2012).

  • Alexander Abramov

    While this proved to be an invaluable tool for SEOs, marketing managers & even business owners, the “magic” behind good SEO has since evolved in just that short time to become more reticulated with Social Media marketing & client engagement. “How?” you ask? Social media, when done correctly, bolsters and maintains good organic positions with search engines and helps increase traffic to websites and physical business locations.

  • Ivo Madaleno

    Social Alchemy: Periodic table of Social Media #infographic

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