Wedding ring that you can't take off

For my kids <3

His and Hers wedding ring tattoos in white ink.

Sexy Blue Butterfly Tattoo Lower Back


a reminder to always learn from your never ending mistakes in life <3

couples tattoos

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Mom & Dad tattoos. This girl's parents died and she took their signatures from birthday cards and had that tattood on her. I love this idea!

heart it

50+ Sister Tattoos Ideas | Cuded

Ring tattoo with dermal?

Awesome Wedding Ring Tattoos

tattoo <3

Hehe cute tattoo idea though I'm sure its overdone.

to infinity and beyond

Awww :)

couple tattoo

infinity tattoo on wrist with family | infinity tattoo Love..Family Forever Tattoo. Infinity sign tattoos

hope-love the design

This tattoo is the sign for a mother and daughter's love. Mama this is the matching tats we need to get<3