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lengthened teeth : You can see the short front teeth and the flattening of Karen's back teeth in the before photos. We lengthened her teeth and gave her the proper form and function. http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/id/125703/baid/82

View and rate Dr. Perrone's work on Rankipedia now. Porcelain Veneers : http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Marielaina-Perrone-DDS-Henderson/89014/id/125732

View and rate Dr. Landers' work on Rankipedia now. Cosmetic Dentistry : http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Kevin-Landers-DDS-Chicago/60603/id/33190

View and rate Dr. Abeles' work on Rankipedia now. shape and color : http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Frederick-Abeles-DDS-Atlanta/30339/id/28333

View and rate Dr. McDowell's work on Rankipedia. LVI Core V Case : http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Brian-C-McDowell-DDS-Fitchburg/01420/id/125782

View and rate Dr. Burch's work on Rankipedia. Orthodontics, porcelain and bleaching : http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Stephen-Edward-Burch-DDS-McLean/22102/id/86538

View and rate Dr. Steinberg's work on Rankipedia. All-on-4 Implants: Teeth in a Day : http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Howard-M--Steinberg-DMD-MDS-Tucson/85712/id/125741

All-on-4 Dental Implants : http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Mike-M-Golpa-DDS-Las-Vegas/89148/id/127053

View and rate Dr. Hahn's work on Rankipedia by clicking on the link below: Full Mouth Neuromuscular Smile Makeover : Life Changing Dentistry! Implants placed in both lower posterior quadrants and full mouth neuromuscular rehabilitation by Dr. Adam Hahn. http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/Dr-Adam-Hahn-DMD-FAGD-LVIF-Columbia-SC/29212/id/125733

Porcelain Veneers : Black triangles were a major issue http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/beforeafterajax

Minimum preparation porcelain veneers : Heavy preoperative wear and diastemas but otherwise very healthy teeth. it would have been inappropriate to reduce this man's teeth. http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/id/125765

Zoom teeth whitening is completed in about an hour in our Manhattan dental office. http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/technologyajax

View and rate Dr. Jones' work on Rankipedia by clicking on the link below: Cosmetic case : Cosmetic case to restore lost and eroding enamel. This case restored the worn, chipped, and broken teeth. All cosmetic work was done in two visits. http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/dentistprofile/id/125707/baid/93

Smile renewal : KimSmile renewal http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/beforeafterajax

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cosmetic : Patient was unhappy with the unnatural look of the previous cosmetic work he had received from another dentist. http://www.rankipedia.com/dentist/beforeafterajax