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Spider-Woman by Dennis Hopeless, Javier Rodriguez, Alvaro Lopez, and Travis Lanham Wendigo stories are some of my favorites.

Alpha Flight | Alpha Flight variant cover by Phil Jimenez to Avengers #4// what is this and why don't i know about it?

Alpha Flight By Phil Jimenez. Not really an Alpha Flight fan but I really dig this.

Alpha Flight | Alpha Flight 17 - Jaime Mendoza, John Byrne

Another amazing Byrne Alpha Flight cover!

Aurora - Marvel Comics - Alpha Flight. The lead shot that I intended all along for http://www.writeups.org/fiche.php?id=5617 . So that's one thing done.

Aurora of Alpha Flight (Marvel Comics) (Yellow costume)

1818243-alpha_flight__1983_1st_series__89_super.jpeg (600×934)

Marvel Comics - Superhero - Approved By Comics Code - Guardian - Wolverine - Jim Lee

Alpha Flight by John Byrne.  Great that Marvel has brought back the original team.

Alpha Flight - John Byrne// This is the image that piqued my interest for the series. Alpha Flight remains some of my favorite characters.

alpha flight marvel | Some love for Alpha Flight's Snowbird

Alpha Flight by Patrick Fillion

Aurora - Marvel Comics - Alpha Flight

Aurora of Alpha Flight (Marvel Comics) (Black and white costume)

X-Men vs Alpha Flight by John Byrne

X-Men vs Alpha Flight by John Byrne

Guardian of Alpha Flight - spiderguile and me by pascal-verhoef

made this great drawing of Guardian of Alpha Flight and I just wanted to give it some colors, so here it is! Guardian of Alpha Flight - spiderguile and me