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Louis XI, King of France

Why did men stop wearing high heels? Louis XIV painted in 1701 by Hyacinthe Rigaud (Getty Images)

Louis XI - was the archenemy of Edward IV. Known as the universal spider, he had legions of spies across Europe. After he pulled his son, the dauphin, out of an agreement to marry Edward's eldest daughter, Elizabeth of York, a furious Edward swore war but died before he could launch it.

Hair of Mary Tudor in a Gold Locket; Engraved on the back: ‘Hair of Mary Tudor Queen of France cut from her head Sep 6 1784 when her tomb at St Edmundsbury was opened H[orace].W[alpole].’ From collection of Horace Walpole, Strawberry Hill.

The "Agris" Helmet, 4th century BC, an ornamental helmet of iron with gold leaf. The helmet was found buried in a cave in Agris, Western France. It may have been a ritual offering to the spirits of the underworld. The highly intricate decoration on this helmet is a remarkable example of the La Tène style of metal work.

Head of a woman known as the "Venus of Brassempouy" – Gravettian (c. 27,000 BC) Mammoth tusk. Brassempouy (Landes, Frances) Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Musée des Antiquites nationales

Avignon, France, Spice Market

Reliquary Bust of Saint Yrieix, second quarter of 13th century France, Limousin, Church of Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche Gilded silver, rock crystal, gems, glass, originally over walnut core with silver leaf and gesso on interior

Berengaria of Navarre c. 1165–1170 – 23 December 1230) was Queen of the English as the wife of King Richard I of England. She was the eldest daughter of King Sancho VI of Navarre and Sancha of Castile. As is the case with many of the medieval queens consort of the Kingdom of England, relatively little is known of her life. The early 20th Century Cunard passenger liner RMS Berengaria was named in her honour, the first Cunard ship to be named for a British queen.

Solar Boat This cedar boat is one of two found by the Great Pyramid at Giza, intact but dismantled. It took 12 years to reconstruct it. There is another one still in its original pit, and there were three additional pits on the other side that were empty. The king needed 2 to travel with the sun across the sky, 2 to travel through the night, and one to cross to the underworld

Masada - mountain fortress constructed by King Herod

Henry Tudor (1457–1509), King Henry VII of England 1485–1509

Nestorians were a christian sect that were declared heretics in the Roman Empire around 400 CE over one of those hairsplitting disputes about the nature of Jesus’ divinity that characterized the formation of the dogma. The sect migrated to Persia and Tang Dynasty China. Stone inscriptions in this stele found in Xi’an speak of the Illuminated Religion (or Religion of Light) from Rome or the West (Da Qin), whose adherents worshiped only one God. Carvings on a stone tablet depict a cross rising...


Ham and egg sandwich

Charcuterie, cheese, olives and bread.

Short Sword and Sheath with Crouching Feline: 6th century B.C. North China. Bronze inlaid with turquoise

A charcuterie board can be really classy, too. | 21 Fun Ways To Have A Fancy And Delicious New Year's Eve


In the Charcuterie

Ham Salad - Shugary Sweets