Finally, these are the relics (Plate XIV. May. A series of fourteen sketches...) of the Franklin expedition brought home on an expedition led by Dr. John Rae, the first person to uncover proof of the fate of the Franklin expedition. Rae purchased the relics from Inuit who told about finding the bodies 35 men, starved to death near the mouth of Great Fish River (now known as the Back River).

In 1845, Sir John Franklin set out with two ships to chart the Northwest Passage. He and his crew were never heard from again. Until their belongings began turning up on the Canadian tundra.

Relics of Franklin's 1845 expedition, from the Illustrated London News, 1854

After another season of searching in the cold waters off Nunavut for the ships of the Franklin Expedition, HMS Terror remains elusive, but new photos released today show some of the 39 artifacts recovered during the latest search of the HMS Erebus wreck site.

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