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If I ever got a tattoo, I would totally do something like this. Simple and quick hopefully?? :)

Lowercase 'g' is by far the most interesting character in English. It can be…

type tuesday: blossom type

Blossom Type by Alice Mourou, Dmitriy Petrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin.

Funfetti Shortbread Bites

Christmas Shortbread Bites - these are the most pop-able fun to eat cookies out there! They were actually really easy to make and they taste AMAZING! A perfect Christmas treat, but you could also use a rainbow sprinkle blend for birthdays.

re welcome to use the drop caps on personal (non-commercial) sites within blog posts by following the instructions below each letter. The project will end after the twelfth alphabet is complete, but the site will remain up for your use and inspiration. Enjoy

Letter G Zentangle - Inspired by the font "Harrington"

Letter G Zentangle Inspired by the font Harrington by DJPenscript

Big Yellow Trade Gothic ‘g’ This reminds me of the Ivan Chermayeff 9 in new York (but obviously on a smaller scale) It was created f

Cinnamon-sugar doughnut ice cream cones, lined with Nutella, from Prague's Good Food Coffee and Bakery. Cinnamon-sugar. A riff on trdelníks, a traditional Czech pastry made from grilled dough.

Homemade Pocky

75 g Plain flour ½ tbsp Sugar A pinch of salt 23 g Unsalted butter 1 and ½ tbsp Milk