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Be A Beach Bum Yes, yes, a million times yes. Just let me move to Florida and this would become true. Especially on the weekends… and then I’d visit places like Hawaii and Bermuda (and Turks & Caicos...

Omg I just had a bonfire on a beach with the sun setting. I was on vacation with my family that I hadn't seen in 2 years. We stayed in a beach house for 4 days and we aren't gonna see our family for another year ;( I'm tearing up, we had SOO much fun...

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See the Northern Lights

This is on my bucket list because I've seen and experienced bad things in my life and also the world isn't always as amazing as we'd like to think it is... sometimes when you're having a really bad day you just need a reminder and some encouragement.

i imagine being like 17 or something and having a pink car and at midnight i'd drive to somewhere random where no one could find me, and then i'd blast music and dance my heart out and watch the stars twinkle. ♡