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I AM █ █ █ █ LOCKED Everything is Sherlock and nothing hurts. (Beside Reichenbach, that does hurt.)

Oh, you bastard. Look how pleased he looks. He's like yes I'm a bastard, but you love me. And it's true (not him being a bastard) we do LOVE him.

The League of British Artists: Sherlock Season 3 SPOILERS: Episode 1 ‘The Empty Hearse’ Air Date REVEALED, Reunion Is ‘A Long, Complicated Emotional Journey’ For Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock and Martin Freeman's John

aksdugbiyhvrl kk<< never knew I shipped them until now.... <<< I just facepalmed so hard that the facepalm slipped through the void and hit Hitler in the face.<<<<< THERES SO MANY SHIPS FOR IRENE URGH I THINK THIS IS TOP 2! OMG THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE ON HIATUS FOR SO LONG. YOU START SHIPPING EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER!