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Explore Word Chemical, Chemical Equation, and more!

Can you write a chemical formula? Learn to do this and write a word chemical equation. Both of these cups have the same compound in them, or do they?

That bridge is a single sheet of paper. How can it suspend the cup of rocks? Simple physics explains the forces at work.

Cross two levers and you have a double lever. We use them for lots of things. These are three double levers. Do you know what they are?

Dragging an object like this book creates friction. Is there an easier way? Some simple machine to help make the work easier?

What is this? Pumpkin vines produce two kinds of flowers. The fused stamen is found in the male flowers. The Pumpkin Project science Investigations have gotten to flowers.

What happens when more than one force pushes on an object at the same time? Use a fan and have fun flying paper airplanes as you find out in this physics project.

For the next 15 weeks simple physics projects on forces, work, mechanical advantage and simple machines will appear weekly. This week's science project is on forces.

Vector arrows show the strength and direction of forces pushing or pulling on an object. Find out how to draw these arrows in this science physics project.

What happens to the water mass when you add more water? What happens to the water pressure? A simple science experiment with big implications.