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This image shows a simple deterministic model illustrating the geomagnetic reversals. The model is based on the non-linear interaction between two magnetic modes (dipole and quadrupole) and one velocity component of the Earth's core flow, and the image shows typical trajectories in the 3D phase space. The corresponding strange attractor reproduces irregular reversals between two symmetrical states.

"The Real Earth" -- Image from Space With Gravity Field in Effect The "Potsdam Gravity potato", as this image of terrestrial gravity has become known, can for the first time display gravity variations that change with time.

Catastrophic EMP Disaster Warning & More Substantial Pole Shifts~ What is Happening NOW On MARS Will Happen To EARTH~ Worst News Ever if this is true. | Space

The Hubble Deep Field: These are not stars. These are galaxies. Each containing billions of stars. And each star has a collection of planets revolving around it, just like our own solar system. We forget all too often just how small we really are.

Photography of nature that reminds us to keep it simple. Nature is amazing at reminding of how life moves effortlessly. More on our stories of the lessons we observed by embedding ourselves in nature will soon land on

Chaos Theory: A mathematical concept that explains that it is possible to get random results from normal equations. The main precept behind this theory is the underlying notion of small occurrences significantly affecting the outcomes of seemingly unrelated events.