Samia & Tahia

Hand Movements - more details on the floreo, undulation, butterfly hands

metal belly dance

Samia Gamal on a film poster.

I like this warm-up routine


Constant themes of bellydancing: The Dance that Celebrates Life, Birth and Creativity! The Dance that Celebrates Women! The Dance that Celebrates Beauty! The Dance that Celebrates the Body!


Belly Dance How to: Hip Arc with Hip Drops Move - Belly Dancing - with Neon

Love it!

How to Do a Traveling Twist | Belly Dancing - YouTube

True story!

When a woman doesn’t move her body, her feminine energy becomes dormant. So ladies, move your bodies. Dance, move those hips and stir up that feminine energy and bring it back to life . - Jason Hairston

bellydance ??

1st place in competition "Queen of the Pyramid" 2010. Bellydancer Dovile...

Bellydance costume

i think belly dancing is one of the most beautifulist thing ever. the control and constraint on the body is amazing comparison

beautiful shot

How to Do a Choo-Choo Shimmy | Belly Dancing - YouTube

The Gamal twins

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