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    The other night while looking at him, I saw you. I saw the way we used to talk face to face on the pillow for a long time, the way you kissed my forehead, the way our eyes spoke the same language, the laughter and dreaming and stories we weaved together...the love that was there. It stunned me to "see this" so clearly. I have never known something so familiar or true. Lies took most everything else, but not that.

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    You never forget your first real love because something in you is shocked. An electric current traveling faster than the speed of light is going through your head, entwining your heart, extending through your arms, to the tip of your fingers. It makes its way down your legs, circling every bone, every muscle, and it once again reaches the very end, your toes. But, the electric current doesn’t stop, it keeps flowing through every pathway it created in your body, until your body is glowing."

    And if this isn't hot I don't know what is And holy cow can't believe I didn't get an amen on this one. Post your super hot photo...this I've got to see. In real life Brad Pitt is totally not my type but in this movie and legends I can totally overlook his skinniness. Wowser.

    Two lovers ... by elsa raballand, via 500px

    mother and child.

    don't go......

    3200 handpainted modern oil painting on canvas wall art picture lovers quiet dance for home decor unique gift $185.00

    Neck Kiss with some annoyed looking guy in the background :D

    Cover art

    Romantic Poses Please. love

    I look forward to camping and a perfect day on the beach lying under the stars. xxxx

    I don't think you liking having your neck kissed as much as I love kissing it

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    and this is exactly why i want all of my engagement pictures outside.." data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

    They met at a bookstore. They dated at the bookstore. they bought a book store. the image of the wife dying and the man locking up the bookstore for the last time after holding on to it over a long period of time. Kept it to keep her.

    read to me until i fall asleep | romantic + cozy, couple in bed - relationship goals in a nutshell

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