Ann Margret - beans and chocolate

PIMBALL WIZARD in the Movie TOMMY Pete Townsend YOU GENIUS ♥ That Deaf Dumb and Blind Kid, Sure plays a mean PinBall

Ann Margret in Tommy (what about the boy?)

Tommy. The Who.

Ann Margret in Tommy, The Movie, 1975.

Tommy - The Who

The Who - Pinball Wizard - Tommy - 1969

Ann Margret in Tommy: The Movie (1975)

Ann Margret swimming in baked beans, from the movie Tommy, 1975

Roger Daltrey and co-star; "Tommy" Ann Margret



Sylvain Willenz . print

Ann Margret

Ann Margret

Skeletons in Our Closets...Touch of Grey...I'm Grateful Dead Favorite videos (playlist): via @YouTube

Villa Extramuros / Vora Arquitectura

I was not smart enough to understand this movie. Liked it anyway.

The Brick Loft / FARM Architect

Walton Residence - Bentonville Arkansas - Built: 1958 Architect: E. Fay Jones House won 1961 AIA Honor Award Photo: Maynard L. Parker Copyright: Huntington Library Photo Taken: April 1961

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