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Doctor Who stamps for wedding invitations. Um, yes, these will happen.

❦ We're all stories in the end. I had never realized this.

What I don't get is...... The Doctor kept running into Clara (The REAL her) as a child, so why doesn't she remember him?

God this one gets me every time I look in a mirror and this saying collaborates with the little girl from Human Nature to freak me out

I'll never get over how amazing Christopher Eccleston was, n how amazing this pairing was n is!! No room for closure!

The most adorable creature in the universe. Oh, and there's a cat in the picture, too.

Matt Smith from "The Angels Take Manhattan". This episode makes me cry every time.

(gif set) Vincent Van Gogh. Thanks to doctor who, i can't look at a Van Gogh painting without getting really sad

Doctor Who Villains (although the ood is in it.. The ood are not a villain..they were just mind cntruled for a bit:) *Neither is the Star Whale. Save the Star Whales :D

I can't get over how much black and white photos make him seem to shine a little. stunning. ♥

Matt Smith/11th Doctor art by Claire Hummel - "Fish fingers and custard" #dr_who #doctor_who