best friends will always be by your side no matter what.

this gave me a great idea to go somewhere with a lot of grass and get a bunch of balloons. throw them everywhere have some people running through them while i'm taking pictures. perfect - I never even considered non helium balloons in photos!

Best friends  (we will be getting this picture this weekend)

Amigas Amizade Best friends Bff Black and white Blonde Brown Brunette Cute Fahsion Feel Fotografia Friendship Friend Girl Girls Grey Hair Happy Hold Hug Laugh Love Photo Photography Sister Smile So cute - PicShip

(girl on far right) I'm Natalie. I'm 16 and I have wind powers. These are my sisters Yasmin, Ali, and May. Yasmin has snake powers, Ali has ocean powers, and May has glitter powers.

the jarman girls {sisters photoshoot}

Chicas sosteniendo globos mientras caminan por la carretera

20 Ideas de fotos que debes tomarte con tus amigas HOY o te arrepentirás en 10 años

A best friend is always there, no matter what, forever & always

Great idea for a best friend picture when we go to homecoming or prom.